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West Shore Practical Shooters
Matches from March through November on the third Saturday.
USPSA competition is based on accuracy, power, and speed (Diligentia Vis Celeritas - DVC).
Just about any center fire handgun can be used in USPSA competition in one of the 7 divisions.
No special or competition specific gear is required, but we do suggest you come out and talk to us before you buy anything.
WSSA offers excellent range facilities that make our USPSA matches great.
Ranges 1 and 8 are huge blank canvases that allows us to create national match style courses of fire.
The shoot-house on range 7 allows us to make the stage more "practical" in nature.
Ranges 2, 4, and 5 are great intermediate sized bays that can accommodate a variety of field courses, speed shoots, and classifiers.
Please contact us on facebook or through email for more information.
Match video can be found on our YouTube channel as well!
Match results can be found on Practiscore.
WSPS Range 8