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Membership in the West Shore Sportsmen's Association allows use of all ranges. We offer various levels of membership including:
Type Annual Dues
 Adult  $65 $25
 Individual 18 years and older
 Family  $80  $25   Member, spouse, children under 18 same household
 $45  $25  Individual 62 years and older
 Senior Family
 $55  $25  Senior member and spouse only
 Junior  $15  $25  Individual 12-17 years
 $50  $25  Adults outside of York, Cumberland, and Dauphin counties
  • A $5 deposit is required for each gate key issued to a member. This deposit is refundable upon termination of membership
Per our Constitution, a new member must:
  • 1.) Complete a online Prospective Member application Member Signup;
  • 2.) attend a monthly general membership meeting Event Calendar;
  • 3.) be approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any meeting of the Association
  • 4.) attend a club-provided range safety orientation (during the membership meeting)
  • 5.) pay an initiation fee and first year dues  
When you submit your online membership application it will remain in a "Prospective" state for four (4) months until you complete steps 2-5 above. All members can renew online via this website once they obtain a login.

If you need proof of membership for CMP or other similar organizations, please contact the membership secretary and request a letter of membership. Please include your access card number in the email.

Questions? Check our FAQ page under "Membership" to find out how prospective members can learn more about the club.

Special Note To New Shooters and Those Unfamiliar with Range Safety Protocols:

WSSA may require that new shooters, or anyone unfamiliar with range safety protocols when using ranges without a designated Range Safety Officer, attend a live-fire WSSA Range Safety Orientation. The orientation will be held at WSSA facilities and be provided by WSSA member volunteers the appropriate skills and training to help orient new shooters to WSSA range safety protocols. Scheduling will be coordinated on an as needed basis between new members and the WSSA volunteers providing the orientation.

Special Note To Deployed Military Members:

The membership has proposed and passed a motion to waive club dues for any serviceman or woman deployed overseas in an active combat zone. Annual club are waived for any service person who was active and deployed at any time during the previous calendar year, or any service person who has orders to deploy during the next calendar year. The service member will still need to pay the $5.00 deposit per electronic keycard requested (one minimum). To take advantage of that benefit, contact the membership secretary via email at All information is confidential and any information not needed beyond the time of application is destroyed.

Please note that we are a private, gated club, and so you will need an appointment to take a tour.